All Lewes 2019 Dates confirmed



What is it:

  • A 4 hour milonga, beautiful music
  • Cabaceo friendly
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Good floorcraft
  • Great DJ and sound system
  • Great traditional Tango, Vals and Milonga in tandas
  • Track/tanda display
  • Bar


Brighton:        St George’s Church, St George’s Road, Brighton BN2 1DW

All the information you need to find us is here.


Saturday 13th January 2018 from 7pm to 11pm at St George’s Church.


£10 each milonga in Brighton.
Non dancers free.

We will put all the names into a hat and draw a free entrance ticket for the next milonga.


The main organiser is Nige


We suggest that you register with us and let us know if you can offer any kind of accommodation – or if you would appreciate a place to stay when you visit us.

Be there.