The Music

As a passionate student of Tango I am totally focussed on the enjoyment of the dancers.

The music is certainly 100% traditional tango music played in the classic TTVTTM format.

For me the actual quality of the sound itself is important – for that reason I tend not to play anything before 1937 – approximately – and I probably play more from after the end of the Golden Age than most DJs might. Many of the great recordings of the 1950s really excite me as a dancer and I often include a reasonable balance of later, fuller sounding music in our milongas.

I also always love playfulness – and for that reason – and sheer appreciation – Biagi always features somewhere.

I also play more De Angelis than I seem to hear in milongas when I travel.

I always welcome feedback – so if I don’t seem to play something you love just let me know!