We are very aware that for many of our visiting dancers somewhere to crash out is really important and helpful. We want you to turn up, drop your bags off – enjoy Brighton, come to our Milonga and then have somewhere to stay.


Details of AccomodationLocationPriceContact
Central Brighton cosy crash space for up to 3 visiting dancers ( 1 double bed on a mezzanine, 1 sofa) . Central BrightonBed = £15 per person per night, sofa = £10Contact

We are doing our best to help this. On our facebook group you can of course post a message and ask for anyone who can help to PM you. You should absolutely do this. We hope that our FB group will include 90 percent at least of the Brighton Tango community as The Revolution is all about them.

But we are also through our Mailing list collecting information on anyone who might have a place for visiting dancers – and also those who need somewhere to stay – so do also contact us to see if we can put you in touch with a potential place to stay!