Welcome to all Tango Professionals

The Tango Revolution is organised by students of you all – and we were fortunate in 2017 to welcome many teachers to our Milongas to dance with us, they added so much to our events.

As 2017 ends and we all look forward to a new year of learning and dancing together I wanted to let everyone know that we so welcome all teachers to come to our milongas – wherever in the world you teach – you and your partner will have free entry and please also both have a complimentary drink on us.

Tango communities all around the world tend to be a little fragmented. We have scheduled all of our 2018 events to not clash with anything we are aware of that any tango professionals have scheduled in Sussex. In any month where that was not possible we have not scheduled a Milonga.

Enjoy yourselves please at our events. Dance with us – socialise with your students – say hello to your friends and make new ones – and by all means talk about your plans for the year with us all. You have worked so hard over the years – we appreciate you so much.

You don’t have to tell us in advance that you are coming – although it would be wonderful if you could  to make sure that we welcome you on the door in an informed and professional way – just be there and relax with our community.

Thank you – for everything – we look forward to welcoming you.