Tanda – The late 50s – De Angelis and Juan Carlos Godoy

This late 50s tanda has such a wonderful and rich structure from De Angelis – and a fantastic yearning from Godoy. I have been dancing to it every day for the last week.

And that wonderful full sound of the later works.

Entre tu amor y mi amor
Quién tiene tu amor
Si nos queremos Todavía
Un Mendigo

Just wonderful. How can anyone not want to dance to this?

One comment

  • I’M now utterly n totally in love with the tango music. ( no no don’t want the translation) ive listened to each track over n over for the last two days – n so sorry to Hv missed last nights milonga – to capture each phrase n bar until they work themselves under my skin. Thank you Nigel. Xx

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