Armando Pontier with Oscar Ferrari

I do play some music at most of my Milongas from an era that many traditionalists would regard as too late for legitimate inclusion in traditional tango milongas.

We all have our views – I do believe that for many dancers – and not just beginners – the full rich sound of later tango is at the right moment very inspiring to dance to. For some people very new to Tango the thinner sound of early traditional tango – particularly before around 1937 – is often distracting from the music itself.

I had a lot of positive feedback about the last tanda at the Feb 2018 Revolution Milonga – it seemed that for some this was their first exposure to Pontier.

Armando Pontier had a long and varied career – the tanda I played was from his own orchestra, with the singer Oscar Ferrari – whose voice I personally love. Here is the tanda : from the late 1950s

La melodía de nuestro adiós
Sentimiento gaucho
Quedémonos aquí

You can listen to it here

They recorded over 30 sides together.

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